And so I go on……

Where was I? Oh yes, I got distracted and wrote about something else! Back on track now, I have a piece of chocolate and a mug of peppermint tea and I am ready to write. Did you know it is very difficult, for that read impossible, to buy good peppermint tea here in France? I don’t know why that should be, one would expect British tea to be difficult to find, and it is but the French do drink infusions and they do have thé menthe but it has little or no taste. So, if anyone asks if we want anything brought over from the UK we usually ask for peppermint tea, oh, and jelly babies……John is rather partial to a jelly baby and it is surprising how much you can miss something when it is no longer easily obtainable!

Anyway, back to La Grenouille Verte and a description of our house here in the Haute Vienne region of France. I have written about the kitchen and lounge and also on the ground floor is the bathroom and separate wc. This was down a corridor from the front door when we bought the house but we knocked the wall down to make the kitchen bigger, that was fun but very messy! The first picture here shows how we tried to cover everything to limit the amount of dust and the second shows the amount of space we gained in the kitchen.

SS101844 SS101849

You can also see the ancient beam emerging from under it’s layers of lathes and plaster and 2000 nails!!

Then the bathroom, a large room off the kitchen which is an extension built in the mid seventies but again stuck in a bit of a time warp. It had blue floor tiles, blue wall tiles and evidence that at some point it also had blue paint on the walls and ceiling, oh, and yellow glass in the window…….lovely! I forgot, the bathroom suite was blue too! The window had to go because the frame was rotten so that dealt with the yellow glass and allowed us to fit a double glazed unit.  The only shower was a hand held one over the bath, we didn’t think our future guests would approve so, cue more demolition! There was a cupboard next to the bathroom, so we blocked up the doorway and knocked down the wall between the cupboard and bathroom which gave us a lovely big space for a shower cubicle.

SS101625 SS101805

Voila, one large hole and then one large shower cubicle. I make it sound easy but there was a point when I thought John was never going to emerge from there, if I didn’t know where he was and called out to him the answer I got was usually a plaintive “I’m still in the bathroom!”

As with most of our projects here, it has been something that has evolved and is still evolving. We would love to change the wall tiles, but the bathroom is built from thin brick and we are sure that removing the tiles would probably result in catastrophic damage to the walls, so for the moment they stay, until we come up with an idea of how to remove them carefully or an innovative way of covering them up. Any ideas will be seriously considered, as long as we can do it ourselves and it does not cost lots of money!

That, I think is enough for now, the chocolate is gone and my tissane has been drunk!

a biéntot



About johnruthsharman

We are owners of a small "peace" of heaven in the French countryside! Our business is to provide a holiday home that is a little bit different and special.
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